Monday, February 28, 2011

Flower Pots - A Pattern From "Glorious"

 For reasons I'm not clear on, I have been caught up in an applique project called "FLOWER POTS" which is a pattern from a company called GLORIOUS COLOR.

I can't seem to put it down when I HAVE SOOOO MANY OTHER things that I should be doing.

I am using my machine to do the applique which makes things go much faster and is much much easier for me. I fall asleep (with a needle in my fingers) when I opt for handwork. It has been three weeks working on this off and on but I'm getting closer to finishing it.
I've made quite a few boo-boos/changes to the pattern on this... which I will refer to from now on as "artistic licencing". I like following patterns, but feel compelled to change things here and there to suit my tastes.

Sew much fun.
Will post you a picture when I'm done.

Well, I'm done.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Playful Pair

I had the perfect Sunday this past weekend. Andy and I ventured to the R. Roberts Gallery in Avondale to hook up with Peter Max. Peter knew we were coming because we had to make a reservation for the hours we would be there. 

 As most of my friends already know, I wanted to own a Peter Max painting in 1972 when I was beginning my career as a serious art collector (just kidding). The woman who sat in the desk next to me had a sister who owned an art gallery in McLean, VA and told me that her sister had Peter Max artwork for sale in her gallery and that I should give her a call. I ordered sight unseen a serigraph entitled, “The Playful Pair” for $175.00. At the time, my salary was $68.50 a week and between the car payment on my 1970 Plymouth Barracuda and the money I spent on clothes, there was little left over for expensive artwork. I saved up for several months and finally had what I needed to own my idea of a masterpiece. When I said “sight unseen” I meant it. I trusted my friend’s sister to pick out the most colorful piece in her collection and ship it to me at work. It arrived in a huge crate and when I opened it up on my lunch hour, few of my co-workers “got” it. However, I was thrilled with my new acquisition and after work, took it to Spillers to have it framed. It has been with me ever since and I still smile when I see it.

"The Playful Pair"
Peter Max has visited Jacksonville on many occasions, but I was never able to match up his schedule with mine until Sunday. I wore my Peter Max watch with its dead battery freshly replaced, Andy took along the four vintage Peter Max books I gave him for Christmas last year and we headed to Avondale to hob-knob with the art crowd.
Thirty nine years has taken its toll on Peter Max and he no longer looks like the hip, mustachioed hunky guy he was in the seventies. I, of course, looking the same as I did in 1972, had always wanted to meet him and let him know that his artwork was the grooviest investment I’ve ever made as far as artwork is concerned. Its value has increased immensely. Let’s just say, there is no way I could afford to buy one of his pieces today. I do have more sense than money, not to mention limited wall space in my home.

Upon entering the gallery Sunday, it was clear that we were not the only Peter Max fans in Jacksonville. There were quite a few people having a ball looking at his newest works. The gallery was serving a nice Mimosa and there were several others who brought with them their Peter Max memorabilia hoping to cop an autograph for old time’s sake. One woman brought her set of Peter Max bed sheets with her.

I had encouraged Andy to bring the set of small colorful books entitled "Love", "God", "Peace" and "Thought" (so very "seventies") to have them autographed by the artist. No go for four, however.

The expensive autograph
 I didn’t realize that an autograph was going to cost us, but we figured since it was a donation going to the Las Vegas Animal Rescue Center (for missing and exploited tigers) to get an autograph, we’d give in and donate. The donation allowed for one autograph and one autograph only, so since Peter Max had an entourage of crowd controllers making sure no one used their cameras and a security guard to make sure everyone behaved, we were not able to weasel him into signing the entire set of books. I thought about trying to hit him up for more John Hancocks while he was outside using his cell phone, but I hated to put him on the spot and or be attacked by "his people".

 I approached him to shake his hand and he seemed only slightly interested in my banter about seeing references to his work in a display at the D’Orsay Museum in Paris. Among the works of Monet and Van Gogh, I’ll go with Peter Max any day. I thought he was very polite leaving the gallery to use his cell phone probably to check in with his long lost swami. That's my fantasy anyway. He wasn’t a particularly warm or gushing kind of guy, but he was pleasant enough and had a good strong handshake which I think is very important when a man is shaking a woman's hand.  Doctors are really bad about this. At least he wasn't carrying hand sanitizer in his pocket for use after every shake.

Words from the swami circa 1970's

Peter Max loves color. I would venture to say he loves color even more than I do. His newest works on display were imaginative magnificent works of color...and more other words, plenty of it. . He had  renderings of hearts and flowers, rock-icons, lovely ladies and special events on display. You needed a cool $4995.00 just to acquire a small painting. The incentive of a free poster wasn’t enough to make Andy and I indulge in purchasing, but then we weren’t there to buy. The bottom line is his paintings put a smile on my face, just like my son Andy does.

On the way to the car, we walked by “The Casbah CafĂ©”, one of “Jacksonville’s premiere hookah lounges” and decided to have our lunch on the patio in front of the restaurant. The weather was perfect and there was no one ahead of us, so in we went. I don’t get the opportunity to spend the day with my son as often as I would like to. He’s busy at work and has a sweetheart of a girl who captures most of his attention. Each time I’m with Andy, I’m always wowed at his incredible sense of humor and wonderful wit. At age twenty five, he’s well mannered, eats with silverware and inquired about what spices were on the hummus he ordered with his lunch. Thankfully, he is not a whiny picky eater. We both ordered Gyros. Ymmmm. Andy was able to clarify a few things on the menu for me without making me feel like a Mom who has never been to a hookah lounge. I would have given hookah smoking a try just to be able to say I’d done it even though using a community smoking vessel hasn't been added to my bucket list. Wait a minute...I'm getting a flashack. 

I finally met my favorite living artist and had a great time doing it with my wonderful boy. I'm waiting now for another flashback.

Peace and Love.