Wednesday, November 9, 2016

You Can't Say I Didn't Try My Best

I am past disappointment, the tears and the amazement of the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. I have looked at what people are posting on facebook and I am not surprised by what I see. There is plenty of anger, shock and awe. Include me please among the shocked and awed.

I don't for one minute believe it was because she was a woman that she lost. She lost because ignorant people believed what was said about her. She had the ability to stand on her own, having proven herself  time and time again, but after spending a life in the public eye, some shit is gonna inevitably go down. She was able to rise above it privately and publicly, but never able to separate herself from it. People believed her to be a liar. I did not. That is the reason I believe she lost. 

I have watched Hillary Clinton try her best to win the Presidency. I've watched her take the hits, marveled at all three debates and still wonder what I, if put in her position, would say to Trump if given the chance. I know this is never going to happen. I'm never going to be invited to speak at the White House Correspondents Dinner to humiliate him or be invited to the benefit for Catholic Charities. I am never going to be invited to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom or be the intern to give him the inevitable blow job. I am accepting of all of these things, but I am going to have trouble accepting or watching Trump pardon the turkey, address the country on the State of the Union or listen to any of his speeches. I have always tuned in to hear Obama speak. The carefully spoken words written for him as if he wrote them himself, were always soothing to me. I could linger on every word. His humor ranked right up there with the likes of Robert Klein and Steve Martin.

When Trump speaks, I won't be able to get past that finger thing he does, his sniffling or his ugly hair and man tanned face. If it sounds like I hate the guy, well, I do. I rank him right down there with all of the other Republican presidents. I have disliked them all. Their dirty tricks, their mispronounced words (it's nuclear, not nuculer, W), the false victory in a borrowed jumpsuit on an air-craft carrier thing, the cute JellyBelly habit and even the ostracized ballet dancing son. I mean for God's sake, he was your wife's son. But getting back to Trump, his bullying tactics and horrific undermining of Hillary's campaign with his two henchmen Rudy and Chris and wench-woman Kelleyann, I just can't see me ever tuning in to hear what he has to say. The reason is that I have heard all I want to hear from him. A Trump supporter might suggest I give it time, he might actually do some good....I don't see that happening any time between now and  2021, hoping by then he will be back in Trump Tower for good left to plan his presidential library/ shrine/ golf course with the mandatory locker room and tanning bed. If Rudy doesn't accomplish anything else in his life, the very best thing he COULD do (just for me) is to get Trump to lose the hairdo. The reason is that this situation is only going to get worse. I mean, really, he is bald and he is gray. deal with it Don, you're a seventy year old, for Christ's sake. I know, I know, you "like your hair"...Jesus.

I listened to Hillary Clinton's concession speech and I must say, it was gracious. More gracious than I could have been, Mine would have  probably ranked on the lowest rung of politeness opening with "You sorry sack of the hell did you beat me out of being POTUS. You and your slimy sons make me sick and your runway supermodel can't even write her own speech of a wife makes me sick too. After having said that, I would have continued from there to a more civil and graceful manner of speaking just like Hillary Clinton.

So that's all I feel I can say about it. It's over finally, the bad guy won and Hillary Clinton will never be President let alone the first woman president that she deserves to be.. I hope she was able to soak in a big warm tub last night being somewhat relieved of the burden and at the same time being thrilled of winning the popular vote. I still don't get the whole Electoral College thing, but I do know that being leader of the free world is not for pussies, grabbed or not. I am bitter, I am sad and "After all, tomorrow is another day!"...,that's all I am going to say about that.....right.