Thursday, January 21, 2010

** Cleaning: The Removal of Clutter Off The Dining Room Table

The last time I posted my blog, I was 59….It’s January now and I have made it to 60 years of age. Never thinking about my mother’s age as I was growing up, it would have been 1979 when she turned sixty. I’m sure I either made her a cake or bought one from my beloved Goode’s Bakery and I’m sure we all went to “Patti’s”, our favorite family restaurant for celebrating family events. She and I ordered lasagna (ooh, the best), my father ordered spaghetti with either roasted peppers or Italian sausage (with the sauce on the side-always). I'm not sure what my brother's "Patti" favorite was. I miss those dinners at “Patti’s” more than you would ever know. On my sixtieth birthday, I wanted no fanfare or cake just travel and some new Miami watchdogs for my front yard. Lon took me to the “Tai Palace” where I enjoyed what I think is the best Crab Rangoon and sweet iced tea in town and made my dinner out of two other appetizers on their menu instead of ordering an entree. Lon also gave me a trip to Paris and enough mad money that should have lasted longer than it did. ….and the remainder of my birthday time??….oh yes, it’s all coming back to me now….cleaning** my house and preparing for a Christmas Eve dinner I had planned for my brother Neil, Kim, Kat and VA.

At least that’s what I was supposed to be doing. I was probably over at BJ’s perusing pomegranates or at JoAnn’s looking for a bargain. But, my family dinner turned out to my satisfaction and there were very few leftovers, so I guess I pulled it off. I don’t think I would have been able to make my 5pm dinner bell if it had not been for my twenty five year old niece, Kara Millennor whose culinary skills were put to use sectioning grapefruit, helping with the baked beans and just being there to help me with whatever I needed. While draining pineapple juice out of a can for the fruit salad, she even doubled as my impromptu bartender, making me a few “Pineapple Upside Down Cakes” with what she could scrounge from the various nooks and crannies of my pantry/bar. The vodka I had squirreled away came in handy…Her drinks were the best because I’m almost sure she stirred them with her sweet little pinky finger for that added sweetness.

This last Christmas season was running in a kind of slow motion for me. I had a lot on what’s left of my mind and had to seek assistance from my niece Kathryne to decorate my tree at the last minute. In true Fleming fashion, she did the tree perfectly.

After finally taking my tree down just last night ( January 20th), I realizedwhat a nice job she really did by placing the ornaments just the way I like them. In January 2009, I set the goal of making quilts for all of my girls. I managed a favorite Christmas quilt for Traci King, one for my special nephew Billy, one for his wife Cindy, one each for Kat, VA, Leola and precious Stella . A good quilt was had by all thanks to the help I received through the year from Joyce and her magical long arm sewing machine. Joyce is too good to me. Andy, Lucinda, Lon & I had Christmas dinner at Traci and Justin’s and Traci out did herself as usual with ham, turkey, her great Christmas

goody assortment and I know she loves us because she never misses a detail that she thinks will please everyone. She is one of a kind.

So that’s how my holiday went. Pretty nice, I think.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Say Cheese!!!!